How It Works

Our process is designed to help us learn about more than just your finances. We're interested in your goals and values, too. We don't push you into some cookie-cutter plan that doesn't account for your real life — because great financial planning starts by uncovering what matters most to you.

Step 1: Discovery Call

The initial discovery call is a great way for us to learn more about you and determine if we're a good fit. We'll identify your needs so we can guide you to the plan that's best suited for you.

Step 2: Onboarding

During this step, we'll set up your personal financial website, collect data, and generally get to know you better. Everything we learn will help us provide the best analysis and recommendations for your unique situation.


Step 3: Goals + Objectives

Next, you'll meet with your planner to dive deep into your goals. It's important to us to understand what you're most passionate about and what you want to accomplish. the better we know what you're planning for, the better we can help you get there.

Step 4: Findings + Observations

At the next meeting with your planner, you'll take a close look at where you're currently headed and how you can improve that path. Your planner will present different options that change the course of your plan depending on what you value most.

Step 5: Recommendations + Action Steps

This is where we take everything we've learned and bring it all together. You'll receive clear recommendations and action steps to begin implementing your custom plan.

What happens next?

Once you have your plan, you can implement it yourself or delegate it to us. We offer full-service financial planning for a flat monthly fee that doesn't increase along with your wealth.

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