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Retirement Ready Financial Guidance

Whether retirement is still on the road ahead or you're already living it, financial decisions in this stage of life go far beyond your investments. Our thoughtful, data-driven advice helps you answer questions such as when to retire and how to optimize your financial life.

As part of our guidance, we model out your specific situation and show you alternative routes to help you make better financial decisions before and during retirement. Although we're rock stars when it comes to investments, our approach takes all aspects of your financial life into consideration and evolves year-to-year as things change.

Financial Guidance for Young Families

Whether you want to take the kids to Disney or buy that boat you've always wanted, we're here to help you achieve your real-life goals while still keeping an eye on the future.

We equip you with the guidance and knowledge you need to build a strong financial foundation. Some of our most popular topics include: investing, employee benefits, vacation planning, remodels, student loans, child savings accounts, and estate planning.

We excel at building low-cost, tax-efficient portfolios built on an academic foundation. Your advisor will educate you, find opportunities for optimization, and help you achieve your goals.

"It's never to late to do the right thing. Follow your passion and you never know where it might lead."

Full Service Planning

At Luchini Financial, our role is to empower you financially. We give you the confidence to spend money today without leveraging tomorrow. We bring an unbiased, expert perspective that has only your best interests in mind. We also offer our services virtually so we can meet you where you're at in your busy life.

Benefits of Full Service Planning

  • Receive ongoing guidance prioritizing your life and goals
  • Leverage unlimited investment management built on data rather than speculation
  • Feel comfortable spending your money on what matters most
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with financial education, guidance and empowerment
  • Keep things current with annual plan updates
  • Rest easy knowing you have unlimited access to your planner
  • Stay organized with a personal financial website

DIY Plan

If you're looking for help organizing your financial life but aren't quite ready for full service planning yet, working with us on a DIY plan is a great option. We'll build a full financial plan for you while helping you discover what you care about most.

Benefits of a DIY Plan

  • Develop a clear strategy to help accomplish your goals
  • Feel confident in your money-making decisions
  • Get answers to all your questions (even the ones you don't know to ask)
  • Avoid paying fees and commissions to third-party salespeople
  • Receive action steps, unbiased advice, and support with DIY implementation

Questions + Answers

We can do both. Some meetings are best done at our office in Altoona, but most can be scheduled virtually allowing us to accommodate your busy schedule and geographic limitations.

There is no minimum. We charge a flat fee for service. This means if we can provide value to you for the fee we charge, the amount of money you have (or don't have) makes no difference.

Yes, we can update your plan anytime for a reduced fee since we already have the groundwork built. However, you will not have access to our ongoing service model, and you will need to manage your own investments.

Not exactly. We believe there is too much value in planning to skip it. We start everyone with a base plan. After that, you can opt out of some of the ongoing services we provide, however the fee will be the same, so we suggest taking full advantage of what we offer.

We can help implement actions by referring you to a local trusted agent or working directly with your current agent. Oftentimes, we can get you the proper coverage online right from your couch. In any case, we do not receive commissions, referral fees, or any other form of compensation allowing us to stay conflict-free.

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